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What is CLATUU 360°?

What is CLATUU 360°?

CLATUU 360° FREEZE is the ultimate solution to reduce stubborn fat: it is the most technologically advanced system available today, allowing you to save time and money with each treatment.

CLATUU is able to do this because of its Dual Handpiece system and the world’s first patented 360° cooling applicators for faster and more effective fat reduction. Single handpiece devices can treat only one side at a time – CLATUU ensures that you don’t have to wait another 60 minutes to even out the other side!

You get visible, measurable and lasting results without the surgery.

How CLATUU 360° FREEZE works



CLATUU introduces the all-in-one Matrix Gel Pad with especially formulated gel and two protective liners that maximise skin protection during treatment.

Freezing Fat Away gives the cold shoulder to your unwanted fat and gives you a slimmer, tighter body – naturally.

Gel Pad