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CLATUU Technology

CLATUU Technology

CLATUU 360° FREEZE is one of the most advanced Cool Assisted Lipolysis treatments available today. It utilises controlled cooling to freeze the fat cells in the target area to the point where apoptosis is triggered.

Alternative treatments involve tumescent anaesthesia, are painful, and require downtime. CLATUU Freezing Fat Away has a unique Dual Handpiece with a world-first 360° entire area cooling panel. This delivers maximum cooling energy equally across the whole target area.

Most people in otherwise good shape have stubborn fat deposits which do not respond to exercise and diet: abdomen, love handles, inner arms, inner thigh and outer hips, etc. A big percentage of these people will not consider undergoing surgery. For them, CLATUU 360° FREEZE is the ideal treatment: it is non-invasive, does not require downtime, and specifically targets these areas of concern.

You get visible, measurable and lasting results without the surgery. 

The CLATUU TGA devices 1. System 2. Applicators 3. Gel pads are all listed on the ARTGA register of Australia with indication of use  “subcutaneous fat layer reduction through cold-assisted lipolysis” 

How CLATUU 360° FREEZE works